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Internet Auction Directory

Online auctions have been a dynamic ecommerce force on the internet for many years now. Most people, when considering online auctions, think Ebay . No question its the biggest. But its certainly not the only game in town and in some categories perhaps not the best game in town. There are great many alternative auction sites which offer some great deals for buyers and a viable market for sellers. We've put together this directory with the hopes of offering online auction buyers and sellers a few alternatives to Ebay.

As an example,the computer I am typing this on was acquired new at an online auction for about 30% under the street price . At Delcampe Auctionsyou can browse through nearly 50 million stamps, postcards, and other collectible paper memorabilia and some amazing auction deals on firearms and sporting goods are a few clicks away at . These are but a few examples of specialty sites available to buyers and sellers.

Another fast growing player is penny auctions.Though they work a bit differently from conventional auction, many people are consistently able to make excellent buys through them. There are many, many more auction niches to explore and it is our hope that this site may direct a bit of much deserved traffic to them.

Our general interest page includes over 50 auction sites offering a wide range of items. We currently list 15 niche market categories each containing a number of specialty sites. It is not our interest in being the largest auction list on the internet - but we will continue to strive to be the most useful. Bookmark us now and check back often!

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